Womb.Gtk Namespace

To be added.

Type Description
AtomActivatedArgs To be added.
AtomActivatedHandler Handler for Womb.Gtk.AtomTab.AtomActivated event
AtomEditor A widget for editing fields in a single atom
AtomTab A widget for displaying and editing the contents of a table
AtomTabColumn A column in an Womb.Gtk.AtomTab
AtomTabEnumerator An object used to iterate over rows in a Womb.Gtk.AtomTab
AtomTabRow A row in an Womb.Gtk.AtomTab
BoolBox A widget for editing a boolean field
CellRendererDict To be added.
CircularList A circular list container
DataChangedArgs To be added.
DataChangedHandler To be added.
DataMassageFunc A method to process input before validation
DataValidationFunc A function to check for valid input
DateBox A widget for editing a date field
DictBox A widget for editing a dict-bound field
EditingMode To be added.
Expander To be added.
IHtmlizable Interface for widgets that can generate HTML output
IntBox A widget for editing a numeric field
PropBox Base class for field editing widgets
PropBox+EditingCanceledHandler To be added.
PropBox+EditingDoneHandler To be added.
PropBox+EditingStartedHandler To be added.
StringBox A widget for editing a text field
TabFinder A widget for searching withing an Womb.Gtk.AtomTab
Utils Misc utils