:WOMB: is a framework for developing SQL database applications in UNIX and Win32 systems on top of the .NET platform. It provides a set of tools and libraries to quickly develop data-centered software.

Given a data model in a simple XML format, :WOMB: will generate all the elements required to store, retrieve and modify that data: SQL scripts to run on the server, C and C# object classes to manipulate the data conveniently in the client application  and a rich set of GTK+ widgets to access those objects in GUI applications. The underlying idea is that a programmer should rarely have to write a single line of SQL code in the application: :WOMB: presents an object-oriented metaphor to manipulate and persist data.


  • Simple, minimal API. Select a set of rows in 3 lines of code, update a row in 2 lines of code.
  • 100% managed C# code. Pass data back and forth with full type safety. No depressing marshaling and unmarshaling code required.
  • Every Row Is An Object: manipulate datasets conveniently as collections of objects.
  • Automatic management of indexes and dictionary tables.
  • Small, portable library. Runs on top of Npgsql .NET provider with no additional dependencies.
  • Rich set of custom GTK# widgets to manipulate data in GUI applications.
  • Released under the GNU Library General Public License, so it can be used in both free and proprietary applications.