plans to take over the world

Current status: BETA

:WOMB: is currently close to a first testing release. Database connection and basic SELECT / INSERT / UPDATE functionality is working and has been on duty in a private production application for some months now. :WOMB: is at this point frozen and some extra debugging and error handling remains.

Version 0.1 (estimated feb. 2006)

  • Basic database functionality  [done]
  • Support for most common datatypes (string, int, bigint, serial, bigserial, float, numeric, date). [done]
  • Basic atom metadata [done]
  • Basic GTK# widgets: AtomTab, AtomEditor [done]
  • Switch to .NET 2.0 and use nullable types, old System.Data.SqlTypes code cleanup [done]
  • Intense testing [in progress]

Version 0.2

  • Use C# 2.0 generics for improved performance (gmcs only).
  • XWomb: use a custom AtomStore instead of ListStore (gtk# does not support implementing GInterfaces yet)
  • GTK# editor for graphic definition of atoms.

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